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CyclingSavvy is a traffic cycling course designed to teach the principles of Mindful Bicycling:

  • Empowerment to act as confident, equal road users;
  • Strategies for safe, stress-free integrated cycling;
  • Tools to read and problem-solve any traffic situation, bicycle-specific facility, or road configuration.

CyclingSavvy was developed by Keri Caffrey and Mighk Wilson in 2009. It was offered to the public for the first time in 2010. The Florida Bicycle Association managed it from June 2010 to June 2014, but early on, it became clear that CyclingSavvy was destined to become a national program.

Our first instructor training for Florida candidates was in January of 2011. By April of 2011 we had instructors in 4 states. Individuals came from around the country to learn about CyclingSavvy and bring it home to their communities.

Individual and Group Rates

ABEA offers both individual and group rates for CyclingSavvy. Fees for the in-person course are structured to make it sustainable and worthy of an instructor’s valuable time.  While we appreciate the desire by some to offer cycling courses for free or very low fees, we feel it undercuts the value of the program to do so.  People expect to pay both for sport coaching for other sports, and for driving instruction for other vehicles.

For individuals, the current full course fee is listed at our public website: Fees are quite modest compared to comparable courses for other sports and vehicles.

We offer a discounted full course package price for up to 10 students on bike, and up to 25 in the classroom. This flat rate is offered to a company or organization (such as a bike club, bike shop or a company providing a course for their employees). It is up to that organization to fill the class. Contact for current pricing.

Learn more about what we teach, our origins and principles, our philosophy, and what our students say about their experience.

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i am traffic is a collaborative information resource for advocates, engineers, police officers, bicyclists and the general public. The website and social media platform was created to share ideas and information for holistic 6E Advocacy:

Equality → Legal: Federal, state and local, highway/traffic codes, legislation [that treat cyclists as full and equal drivers of vehicles] and policies, covering: uniformity, access, movements, and equipment | more

Education → Schools and Cycling Savvy™: Traffic skills education for the public, transportation professionals, law enforcers, and legislators |more

Engineering → Transportation: highway and bikeways development, including: designs, controls, construction, and maintenance, including funding sources | more

Enforcement → Police and Courts: Equitable treatment of cyclists through citations, trials and diversions | more

Encouragement → Public and private efforts: advertising campaigns, promotions, outreach, etc. | more

Evaluation → Public agencies: Measurement of the effects of the other Es using perceptive research methods, experiments, and on-street measurements with video and newer emerging technologies | more

The site features essays and educational posts in those topic areas as well as interactive graphics, engineering course slides and videos. In 2013, the very first i am traffic colloquium was held to share this 6E framework and explore what a national organization based on bicycle driving might entail. Out of the discussions of the i am traffic formation board, the American Bicycling Education Association was conceived and realized.

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