Jenn Bowers

Jenn Bowers, President

CyclingSavvy Instructor 

Louisville, Kentucky -

I began cycling as an adult after meeting my husband. I have been on a cycling adventure since; I'm constantly learning. One of the greatest discoveries has been the Cycling Savvy program. I strongly believe in this curriculum and I'm very excited to be promoting it with ABEA!  

Lisa Walker

Lisa Walker, Vice-President

CyclingSavvy Instructor & Instructor Trainer 

Orlando, Florida -

What I love most about being a CyclingSavvy instructor is seeing the smiles on the faces of novices as they drive their bicycles through complex intersections that the most seasoned cyclists avoid! My first driving experience was on my robin's egg blue Raleigh bicycle. I would ride up and down the streets of Webster, NY (Rochester area), pretending that I was driving a car. My mom even has me on 8mm film "parallel parking" my bike at the downtown Woolworths! My Raleigh is long gone but my passion for bicycling remains. I look forward to sharing the CyclingSavvy strategies…and to the smiles. Let's ride!

Randy Profeta, Treasurer

CyclingSavvy Instructor 

Irvine, California -

Randy has been an active cyclist since 1998 when he and his family relocated from NJ to Southern CA. In 1999, Randy started doing 24-hour mountain bike races with his three sons. Since then, he has become an active participant in endurance cycling events and spends many training hours on the road. A professional instructor, Randy loves to share his passion and knowledge of cycling with others. "If we want to grow our sport, it is essential that both new and experienced cyclists learn how to be safe, be predictable, be relevant while riding, and enjoy their time on the bike. Riding should not be stressful; it should be stress-relieving! CyclingSavvy helps make the riding experience enjoyable and safe." With his son, Dan, Randy operates Trail's End Cycling Center.

Eli Damon

Eli Damon, Secretary

CyclingSavvy Instructor

Easthampton, Massachusetts -

I first learned to ride a bike, in the common sense, at age 7. Due to a visual disability I cannot acquire a driver's license. I once thought of this limitation as a severe one. I made some trips by foot, bike, and bus, and relied on friends and family members with cars to give me rides for some other trips. For the most part, however, the difficulty I had in traveling prevented me from living what most people would consider a full life. I learned to DRIVE a bike at age 27, and it radically transformed my life. Suddenly, I could go wherever I wanted, whenever I wanted, in a reliable, flexible, carefree manner. It felt as if I was no longer disabled. Now I travel almost entirely by bicycle. I have found that good cycling habits provide me with more freedom and flexibility than I could ever achieve through driving a motor vehicle. I have cycled in ten states and the District of Columbia, on a wide variety of roads under a wide variety of conditions. I have made trips of up to 200 miles.  

Lucas Cruse

CyclingSavvy Instructor

St. Petersburg, Florida -

Lucas has 15 years of experience in design and planning projects across the country with a particular emphasis on urban transportation. From walking the entire Appalachian Trail to naturalistic bicycling research, Lucas is committed to active transportation both personally and professionally. Lucas is currently in his dream job with the City of St. Petersburg, Florida, and is also completing his PhD dissertation in transportation engineering at the University of South Florida in Tampa. Lucas holds a Master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Gary Cziko

CyclingSavvy Instructor

Los Angeles, California -

I fell in love with cycling when I first learned to balance on two wheels well over 50 years ago in New York City. Since then I have explored all aspects of cycling including commuting, touring on five continents, and racing on road and dirt. Despite my many miles and years in the saddle, CyclingSavvy was a revelation to me when I took the course in 2011 and it made cycling even more fun for me. I brought the first CyclingSavvy classes to Illinois, California and Arizona and look forwarding to helping expand the best traffic cycling program in the U.S. to more states and cities.
    Karen Karabell

Karen Karabell

CyclingSavvy Instructor 

St. Louis, Missouri -

When I went to Orlando in 2011 to check out CyclingSavvy, I had been using my bicycle for transportation for well over a decade. I was already certified by another organization as a bicycle safety instructor. While I had heard that CyclingSavvy was amazing, I thought that at most I might pick up a tip or two. Little did I know how little I knew. CyclingSavvy has transformed my bicycling, as well as my perspective on our public roadways. Discover what transportation freedom truly means!

Bruce Lierman

CyclingSavvy Instructor 

North Bennington, Vermont -

Bruce moved to Vermont in 2003 after retiring from the daily work world, regularly commuting to work in the Philadelphia suburbs. He became a member of the ABEA board through his experience and interest in cycling and operator education; he’s also a MSF motorcycle safety instructor. He's a daily transportation rider in Bennington, VT and a bicycle tourist at every opportunity.  The transportation environment includes not just built infrastructure, but also public perceptions of cyclists, pedestrians and the role these groups play in our communities. Bruce's strongest interests are in the maintenance of cyclist and pedestrian rights of access to our public thoroughfares, and improved safety and community relations through education about the meaning of shared use - and shared responsibility - on the roadways.

Debra Sension-Hall

CyclingSavvy Instructor 

Missoula, Montana -

I live and work in beautiful Missoula, Montana. As a middle school Health & Physical Education teacher I have a unique opportunity to promote and encourage healthy lifestyles - including cycling. I teach bike safety education to my 7th and 8th grade students and am a co-leader in our after-school group, The Bike Tribe. We take students around town and show them how to access trails and quiet streets to get to various destinations. Our bike education lessons parallel much of what is taught in Cycling Savvy adult classes. By starting with youth, (many of whom are 12 months away from being behind the wheel of a car) we are endeavoring to build a safer, more knowledgable, empowered class of cyclists and a more considerate generation of motorists. Cycling is fun and safe when cyclists drive their vehicles in ways that minimize conflict and maximize their efficacy.


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