Mighk Wilson

Mighk Wilson

Executive Director

I have over 40 years experience with urban transportation cycling and for 20 years have worked as the bicycle and pedestrian planner for the regional transportation planning agency, MetroPlan Orlando. I've done extensive work at analyzing bicyclist crash causes and countermeasures. Along with Keri Caffrey I co-founded ABEA's traffic cycling curriculum -- CyclingSavvy.

Shannon Walsh

Associate Executive Director

ABEA aligns with my personal philosophy of leaving this world and others, better than I found them. It combines several of my passions – education, safety, mindfulness, critical thinking, cultural impact, peace and cycling. I have been fortunate to have worked globally and domestically in corporations and academic institutions where I specialized as a leader of change. As a transformation specialist, I’ve led pioneering programs for organizations and teams, to chart new territory and advance their laudable and never-attempted goals.   

Favorite Physical Feats: Honolulu, HI Triathlon, MS Bike (50 mile), and my next adventure.

Laura Hallam

Laura Hallam

Administrative Director

With nearly 30 years of experience working with non-profit organizations, 15 directly related to bicycle education and advocacy, I am thrilled to be a part of ABEA. My skill set will help keep the association organized and running smoothly. Having seen CyclingSavvy evolve from its inception to a flagship program of a national organization is exciting and I am proud to be a member of this team.

Keri Caffrey

Keri Caffrey

Program Consultant

I am a technical illustrator and graphic designer with over 20 years of urban cycling experience and a passion for teaching.

Through two decades of bicycling, I observed many close calls and conflicts as an individual transportation cyclist as well as a recreational group rider. Studying the behavior of both cyclists and motorists, I became convinced that the greatest challenge facing American bicycling is lack of education, coupled with the destructive belief system Americans have developed about our roads.

It has become my mission to correct this problem and empower individual bicyclists to ride with the confidence and skills to reach any destination by bike. I believe we can transform our traffic culture, through education and social marketing, into one which recognizes that roads are for all people, not just the ones driving cars.

Carol Wilson

Chief Financial Officer

I returned to bicycling as an adult and began participating in social rides with the local bike club. Little did I know I was destined to meet the love of my life, Mighk Wilson. 2018 is our 25thwedding anniversary! I enjoy tandem biking, off road riding, and simply bicycling around town. I try to accomplish errands by bike instead car whenever possible. I’m a CPA who specializes in nonprofit organizations. I enjoy helping ABEA with the financial end of things. My personal mission is to help ABEA grow as an organization so more and more people can experience the bicycling freedom and fun made possible by CyclingSavvy.


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