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New PowerSavvy Ebike Course Empowers Riders to Maximize Investment

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE The American Bicycling Education Association Monika Emerson 1/8/2023 New PowerSavvy Ebike Course Empowers Riders to Maximize Their Investment Winter Springs, FL – As the popularity of ebikes continues to surge, there is an opportunity for riders to fully harness the potential of these powerful vehicles. There is also a need to address […]

Pedego Electric Bikes Sponsors CyclingSavvy Program for Resellers

Pedego is taking a leadership role in raising safety awareness and promoting rider education through its extensive resellers network throughout North America. ABEA’s CyclingSavvy programs and materials will be available at Pedego Resellers and online.

Gratitude & Possibility

Your contributions make it possible to continue this important mission of giving people the skills and knowledge to go anywhere by bike, for fun and utility.

ABEA Makes the Wall Street Journal – Thanks to You

Letter to ABEA Donors, July 3, 2017 Dear Member, Passing strangers at the Minneapolis airport last Monday were probably a bit amused at my enthusiasm. I’d just finished an interview with a Wall Street Journal reporter about cyclist conspicuity. After hanging up I’d exclaimed to my wife Carol, “Yesss! Nailed it!” (Some of us get […]

Introducing The Savvy Cyclist

The Savvy Cyclist will inspire you to bicycle now. “This blog will keep its focus on making cycling work for you now, and not concern itself with some future cycling utopia,”wrote ABEA executive director Mighk Wilson when he introduced The Savvy Cyclist. “We’ll share with you everything from the most basic skills and equipment for the new rider, to […]

Registration Enabled For IAT2

Details are unfolding, but early bird registration is enabled for I Am Traffic 2, the ABEA’s first national conference. IAT2 will take place Oct. 14-16, 2016, in a perfect venue: St. Louis’ Cortex Innovation Community, a hub for startups like the ABEA. Save the date!

Thank you for your support in 2015!

The American Bicycling Education Association has completed its first year of operation; we successfully obtained official 501(c) (3) non-profit status from the IRS in March! This of course means your end-of-year donations will be fully tax deductible. We have a change in leadership for our second year. Mighk Wilson has assumed the responsibilities of Executive Director […]

Nation’s first dedicated bicycling education organization debuts

Bicycling educators from across the country have formed a new non-profit organization with a single mission: to provide programs and resources for the education of all bicyclists as drivers of vehicles. The American Bicycling Education Association (ABEA) is the first organization of its kind. Building on the success of the groundbreaking CyclingSavvy course, currently available […]