Gratitude & Possibility

As 2022 draws to a close, I hope this message finds you well.

We at the American Bicycling Education Association are deeply grateful to each subscriber, student and donor for your continued support. THANK YOU!

Your contributions make it possible to continue this important mission of giving people the skills and knowledge to go anywhere by bike, for fun and utility.

As you know, having this option for low-cost travel can be a game changer. People simply need to know how to make bicycling safe and easy for themselves.

photo of Laura Hallam

In Loving Memory

The year began on a heartbreaking note as Laura Hallam, our beloved executive director, passed away from stage 4 melanoma.

Laura facilitated the birth and development of CyclingSavvy. Without her support and nurturing, it would not have progressed beyond an idea. She was my champion and my friend.

I am eternally grateful.


phot of Monika Emerson

Our New Administrator

In March, we hired Monika Emerson as ABEA’s administrative director. I can’t overstate the blessing it is to have Monika, a lifelong bicyclist, accountant and detail-oriented administrative professional, at the helm as we look ahead to a year of program growth.

In 2022

This year we taught CyclingSavvy at the International Police Mountain Bike Association (IPMBA) annual conference. CyclingSavvy illustrations and principles were incorporated into IPMBA’s Complete Guide to Public Safety Cycling, Third Edition.

spread of Public Safety Cycling manual

We launched a new online Advanced Certification program to increase ABEA’s reach to communities where there are currently no instructors.

With the worst of COVID finally behind us, we certified a new group of CyclingSavvy instructors from Arizona, Michigan, Ohio, Texas and Virginia. They are ready and eager to teach cyclists invaluable skills through in-person and online interactive classes. ABEA once again had a presence at the Philly Bike Expo, the largest of its kind, to spread the word about CyclingSavvy.

ebike handlebars

The Climb Just Got a Little Easier

EBikes have grown tremendously in popularity. Some communities are struggling with untrained riders operating these higher-speed bicycles.

In the interest of rider safety, PEDEGO Electric Bikes has become our first industry sponsor. ABEA is supporting Pedego Resellers with educational materials and free courses for their customers. We are developing much needed and urgent ebike-specific training materials, and incorporating ebike-specific topics into our in-person and online courses.

We’re excited about the possibility for enhanced bicycle transportation and the promise ebikes hold for making human (and human+) powered travel expected and respected in the transportation mix.

The Road Right Outside

We believe bicyclists are most empowered when they are comfortable using our existing road and bicycle infrastructure safely and enjoyably. We can dream about the future, but we ride today!

The road right outside our front door beckons us. We want to ensure that everyone who wants to come along for the ride can do so. Your support makes this possible.

May you enjoy blue skies and tailwinds in the New Year!