Introducing The Savvy Cyclist

The Savvy Cyclist will inspire you to bicycle now. “This blog will keep its focus on making cycling work for you now, and not concern itself with some future cycling utopia,”wrote ABEA executive director Mighk Wilson when he introduced The Savvy Cyclist.

“We’ll share with you everything from the most basic skills and equipment for the new rider, to advanced strategies for negotiating any sort of road condition.”

The Savvy Cyclist comes out the second and fourth Wednesday of each month. Posts so far have been outstanding:
Shannon Martin describes riding “big” and fashionably in Nashville, Tennessee
John Brooking shows why he was thanked by a motorist he wouldn’t let pass in Portland, Maine
The variety of upcoming posts is impressive. You’ll hear from a woman in Charlotte who transformed her life through CyclingSavvy. You’ll meet the transportation director of a major American city who is a CyclingSavvy Instructor. Later this month, you’ll hear from someone who rode her bike to a place accessible “only” by interstate.

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