Nation’s first dedicated bicycling education organization debuts

Bicycling educators from across the country have formed a new non-profit organization with a single mission: to provide programs and resources for the education of all bicyclists as drivers of vehicles.

The American Bicycling Education Association (ABEA) is the first organization of its kind. Building on the success of the groundbreaking CyclingSavvy course, currently available in 16 states, ABEA focuses on bicycling-related education for the general public, traffic engineers, transportation planners, law enforcement professionals and educators.

“Trends show that Americans are increasingly interested in using their bicycles for transportation, yet many lack the knowledge and skills sets to drive their bicycles with confidence,” says ABEA President Mighk Wilson. “Bicycling in traffic is safe and easy and does not require athleticism, speed or bravery. Successful bicycling does require an understanding of traffic dynamics and a belief in one’s equal right to the road.”

Wilson and ABEA director Keri Caffrey created the CyclingSavvy curriculum, a cornerstone of the new organization’s mission. The three-part course uses sophisticated computer animations to simulate real-world traffic dynamics and provide problem-solving techniques, followed by an on-bike session to sharpen bike-handling skills. The learning experience culminates with a 3-hour ride on urban and suburban streets, where students apply the strategies for safe and stress-free travel by bicycle.

“Our promise is ‘empowerment for unlimited travel’ by bike,” says Caffrey. “People use bicycles for transportation, for fitness and for sport. Whether they want to ride on quiet streets and trails, or bomb down major arterials, we give them the tools to travel safely and with confidence.”

Following is the leadership team of the new ABEA:


Mighk Wilson, president

Orlando, FL

Jenn Bowers, vice president

Louisville, KY

Andy Cline, secretary

Springfield, MO

Eliot Landrum, treasurer

Dallas, TX


Keri Caffrey, Winter Springs, FL

Karen Karabell, St. Louis, MO

Waco Moore, Dallas, TX

Tony Philpin, West Hartford, CT

Lisa Walker, Winter Springs, FL