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New PowerSavvy Ebike Course Empowers Riders to Maximize Investment


The American Bicycling Education Association
Monika Emerson

New PowerSavvy Ebike Course Empowers Riders to Maximize Their Investment

Winter Springs, FL – As the popularity of ebikes continues to surge, there is an opportunity for riders to fully harness the potential of these powerful vehicles. There is also a need to address growing concerns about rider behavior and safety.

crossing crash potential

Knowing where the risks are and how to anticipate them is essential at higher speeds.

Ebikes have revolutionized urban commuting, offering riders increased range with the power to overcome physical barriers such as fatigue, hills, and headwinds. However, with this surge in popularity comes the need for riders to operate their ebikes safely and responsibly, particularly in navigating transportation infrastructure.

The American Bicycling Education Association (ABEA) has added a new course to their signature CyclingSavvy program. The comprehensive PowerSavvy Ebike Course is designed to equip riders with the knowledge and skills needed to make the most of their investment.

This online course aims to bridge a knowledge gap by providing comprehensive information on the operation of ebikes, as well as an understanding of how to avoid trouble and prevent the mistakes of other road users. From understanding the nuances of electric propulsion to mastering navigation through city streets, students will gain invaluable insights into maximizing their riding experience while minimizing risks.

stopping distance graph

Stopping distance by speed and rider skill level.

Students will learn:

  • Essential safety protocols and practices to navigate traffic, pedestrians, and road conditions.
  • Tips and techniques for optimizing battery safety and range.
  • Insights into navigating streets, infrastructure, and urban obstacles with ease and confidence.
  • How speed influences reaction time, stopping distance, and sight lines.
  • The rules and regulations governing ebike usage.

ABEA is committed to empowering riders with the skills and knowledge needed to embrace the full potential of their Ebikes. The PowerSavvy Ebike Course caters to riders of all levels, from beginners to seasoned enthusiasts, and is available online from anywhere.

powersavvy membership bundle

The PowerSavvy membership includes the Ebike Course and the Safety Basics Course.

For more information, or to enroll in the PowerSavvy Ebike Course, please visit CyclingSavvy Ebike Safety Resources. For university and corporate bulk purchasing, please contact monika@abea.bike.

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