• 17 Jun 2017 11:30 AM | Karen Karabell (Administrator)

    The Savvy Cyclist will inspire you to bicycle now"This blog will keep its focus on making cycling work for you now, and not concern itself with some future cycling utopia," wrote ABEA executive director Mighk Wilson when he introduced The Savvy Cyclist.

    "We’ll share with you everything from the most basic skills and equipment for the new rider, to advanced strategies for negotiating any sort of road condition."

    The Savvy Cyclist comes out the second and fourth Wednesday of each month. Posts so far have been outstanding:
    The variety of upcoming posts is impressive. You'll hear from a woman in Charlotte who transformed her life through CyclingSavvy. You'll meet the transportation director of a major American city who is a CyclingSavvy Instructor. Later this month, you'll hear from someone who rode her bike to a place accessible "only" by interstate.

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  • 12 Apr 2016 11:42 AM | Karen Karabell (Administrator)

    Details are unfolding, but early bird registration is enabled for I Am Traffic 2, the ABEA's first national conference.

    IAT2 will take place Oct. 14-16, 2016, in a perfect venue: St. Louis' Cortex Innovation Community, a hub for startups like the ABEA. Save the date!

  • 10 Dec 2015 4:16 PM | Anonymous

    The American Bicycling Education Association has completed its first year of operation; we successfully obtained official 501(c) (3) non-profit status from the IRS in March! This of course means your end-of-year donations will be fully tax deductible. We have a change in leadership for our second year. Mighk Wilson has assumed the responsibilities of Executive Director and I, Jenn Bowers, am writing my first letter to you as President.

    Our signature program, CyclingSavvy, continues to grow. CyclingSavvy instructors serve in or have led workshops in 28 states. In 2015 we traveled to offer workshops in Phoenix, Houston, and Moscow, Idaho. The Moscow workshop included two residents from Seattle, who are now instructor candidates excited to bring CyclingSavvy to the Pacific Northwest.

    In its five short years of existence, CyclingSavvy has witnessed impressive on-the-ground growth. Still, we constantly hear from people who want to take the course but can’t, as we offer no sessions in their area. We’ve realized that we must harness the power of the Internet to meet this demand. We’re excited to announce that the ABEA is creating an all-new online course offering to expand the reach of CyclingSavvy. We expect to complete this work in early 2016.

    In addition to the online course, the ABEA is working with CyclingSavvy co-founder Keri Caffrey and bike expert and author John Allen for a new edition of his popular Street Smarts booklet. The update includes new graphics and new strategies for driving your bicycle.

    The ABEA is also working to produce material for Driver’s Education courses, starting in Florida. We will endeavor to create a format that enables the content’s use in other states.

    Finally, we are evaluating offering another I Am Traffic conference, in late 2016 or early 2017. Stay tuned for more details. Your participation will be essential!

    We deeply appreciate your financial support in bringing these efforts to fruition. Our work is ongoing and we need your support. There are multiple ways to donate. I, myself, contribute to the ABEA via the United Way at my office. A percentage of my donation is matched by my employer and goes to my local United Way chapter. If your employer participates in United Way campaigns, you can do this, too. You can make a recurring or one-time donation on our website. Finally, you may mail us a check. Donations to the ABEA continue to be matched by an anonymous donor. There’s something else you can do that will benefit the ABEA at no cost to you! You can designate our organization to receive a percentage of your purchases at companies like Amazon (AmazonSmile) and Kroger.

    2016 is going to be an exciting year! We’ve got momentum and need your help to complete the second part of the online course and to continue our mission to provide programs and resources for the education of bicyclists as drivers of vehicles, and bicycling-related education for traffic engineers, transportation planners, law enforcement professionals, educators and the general public. We’re excited and hope you are, too!

    Happy Holidays,

    Jenn Bowers, President

  • 30 Jun 2014 4:39 PM | Anonymous

    Bicycling educators from across the country have formed a new non-profit organization with a single mission: to provide programs and resources for the education of all bicyclists as drivers of vehicles.

    The American Bicycling Education Association (ABEA) is the first organization of its kind. Building on the success of the groundbreaking CyclingSavvy course, currently available in 16 states, ABEA focuses on bicycling-related education for the general public, traffic engineers, transportation planners, law enforcement professionals and educators.

    “Trends show that Americans are increasingly interested in using their bicycles for transportation, yet many lack the knowledge and skills sets to drive their bicycles with confidence,” says ABEA President Mighk Wilson. “Bicycling in traffic is safe and easy and does not require athleticism, speed or bravery. Successful bicycling does require an understanding of traffic dynamics and a belief in one’s equal right to the road.”

    Wilson and ABEA director Keri Caffrey created the CyclingSavvy curriculum, a cornerstone of the new organization’s mission. The three-part course uses sophisticated computer animations to simulate real-world traffic dynamics and provide problem-solving techniques, followed by an on-bike session to sharpen bike-handling skills. The learning experience culminates with a 3-hour ride on urban and suburban streets, where students apply the strategies for safe and stress-free travel by bicycle.

    “Our promise is ‘empowerment for unlimited travel’ by bike,” says Caffrey. “People use bicycles for transportation, for fitness and for sport. Whether they want to ride on quiet streets and trails, or bomb down major arterials, we give them the tools to travel safely and with confidence.”

    Following is the leadership team of the new ABEA:


    Mighk Wilson, president

    Orlando, FL

    Jenn Bowers, vice president

    Louisville, KY

    Andy Cline, secretary

    Springfield, MO

    Eliot Landrum, treasurer

    Dallas, TX


    Keri Caffrey, Winter Springs, FL

    Karen Karabell, St. Louis, MO

    Waco Moore, Dallas, TX

    Tony Philpin, West Hartford, CT

    Lisa Walker, Winter Springs, FL


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